12V Battery Tester + 12V/24V Charging & Starter System Tester Diagnostic Tester

Part Number: 64687

UPC: 672264064687

Product Features

  • Part # 64687 provides Fast, Precise and Reliable measurement results between 100 and 1700 CCA.
  • Patented conductance technology.
  • Tests all 12V lead acid batteries including AGM and Gel batteries from 100 to 1700 CCA’s.
  • Displays battery condition as % of available capacity.
  • GOOD, MARGINAL OR REPLACE status for easy decision making.
  • Battery state of charge displayed.
  • Bad cell detected and displayed.
  • Tests 12V and 24V starter and charging systems including starter draw, alternator and regulator output (loaded/unloaded) and diode ripple.
  • Voltage range 5V to 39.9V.
  • Volts displayed in real time (volt meter).
  • Large, easy to view color graphic LCD with messages displayed.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Loose connection detection.
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