Private Label

There are many advantages for companies to promote private label products. The packaging and labels can be custom tailored to meet specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information. In addition, private labeling allows more control over pricing strategies and out-of-stock situations as well as more freedom to create your own marketing plans. With stronger margins possible, there is a typically greater opportunity for profit. Private branding allows customers to create a personalized and unique image, which promotes strong customer loyalty. The products are only available from your company – customers will not go into a popular megastore and find the private brand product at a lower price. Customers will also not find your private brand product somewhere else on the internet.

Private labeling allows for greater control over many factors – including sales, marketing, and distribution.

Myths of a Private Label Program

Myth: Having a private label for one's products means investing a lot of money.

Fact: You can start a private label program with Supercool with orders as small 1,200 pieces.


Myth: You have to maintain a large inventory.

Fact: In almost all cases we can make product as it is needed or we can warehouse it for you.


Myth: You have to be a major chain or large distributor before private label makes sense.

Fact: We do private label programs for small distributors all the way up to companies or groups who supply the mass market.


Myth: It take forever to get started.

Fact: We can have private label merchandise into your hands in as little as six to eight weeks!


Myth: Private label means lower quality.

Fact: We provide our customers with only high quality products just as Supercool is known for.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Contact Supercool and tell us which products you need with sizes and sales projections for the next 12 months.
  2. Provide us with your Goals and Objectives for this to work for you and we provide you with a proposal.
  3. Once we agree on the items and pricing you issue us a Purchase Order.
  4. You design and provide us your label(s) and upload to our easy-to-use Supercool Digital Asset Management Site.
  5. Once the label is approved, we produce and ship your order and you are ready to begin selling your own high quality, high margin brand.


Some of our private label customers have had product on their shelf in as little as six weeks time from the first contact!


If you have custom needs such as unique packaging or require additional time to develop a specific set of labels to roll out many products at once, the process may take a little longer.  We will work closely with you to see that your individual needs are met.