Supercool is committed to the responsible use of environmental resources. Our continued success depends upon sustaining our environment, our people, our communities, and our business. And because we live and work within a few miles of the Atlantic Ocean, we're constantly reminded of our impact on our environment. That’s why at Supercool we:

  • Focus on high quality, effective, environmentally friendly products
  • Work to reduce energy consumption in our Operating facilities
  • Minimize water use while still maintaining high standards of sanitation
  • Recycle warehouse-generated material destined for landfills
  • Work with our suppliers to promote reusable and recyclable materials
  • Work with suppliers to identify sustainable packaging options
  • Provide Team members with tips for practicing sustainability at home

“We all share a common goal. The everyday decisions and actions taken by each Supercool employee will ultimately demonstrate our commitment and progress towards sustainable growth. The earth’s climate belongs to each person in every country all over the world, it does not belong to any one country or company. We should strive to leave our planet in better shape than when we received it…a planet that will sustain future generations”